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Coming together to assist those from Guam who are interested in becoming a Truck Driver.

What started out as a group of friends helping another friend, who was new to trucking, navigate the industry and all the misinformation that comes from trucking  companies & schools with their own agendas.

This is scenario is all too familiar to us and we were not going to let this happen to our friend.

Whilst we were helping our friend, another came along...and another...and another. Realizing the pattern Chamorro Truckers was born.


Having "learned the hard way", we offer advice and guidance, drawn from our own experiences not truckstop chatter while building lifelong friendships along the way.


In short, we are a bunch of drivers who  mentor potential & new drivers alike to safeguard them from the lies & financial hardships that surely await them.


"A true friend walks in as the rest of the world walks out" (author unknown)


Hafa Adai